Each of my works has a story…a beginning. First, I choose a gemstone and draw a picture on it with my imagination, then match this image in terms of color, symmetry and style. This is not about simply embellishing the stone with paint, rather I recognize that nature has already created a one-of-a-kind object of beauty. I then limit myself to adding value without disturbing the gem’s innate natural beauty. In many of my works, delicacy is combined with austerity, to make them my own. I indulge each of my works with many hours of focus, emotions, and thoughtfulness, utilizing gentle brush movements, breathlessly achieving exactly what I intend to accomplish. During this creative process, I ultimately cross the line when my image is brought to life, emerging from the stone. To protect the integrity of the work for posterity, I use a 3 step varnish process which further tests my expertise. This time intensive process requires concentration and precision, to eliminate folds, unevenness and bubbling, which prevents distortion. To eliminate this risk, I tap repeatedly on the varnish and the opposite side of the stone. I then store the piece initially in a high humidity space, before ultimately removing it to a perfectly arid space. I then begin the final steps of decoration and secure placement of the gem in a precious metal. The silver filigree is also handcrafted, as well as the necessary joining, welding and grinding. The silver filigree simply provides a framework to focus the eye on the image. After a final grinding and cleaning, the jewelry is ready to join the Tormeti collection.
Occasionally I am asked why I do not associate my work with brand name watch or jewelry manufacturers, to add decoration to their products? The answer is simple.. I am unwilling to sacrifice my artistic freedom. By maintaining my artistic integrity, I can continue to perfect my works and process, without limit to my imagination. At its core, I see my jewelry as an extension of myself, as unique as myself, enhancing only the beauty provided by nature in a gemstone with my painted miniatures




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