Each of us carries a piece of the Creator and ability to create exists in the nature of every human being. I invite you to a wonderful journey to the world of miniature paintings, handpainted jewelry - to my world of beauty.




Tormeti atelier would like to offer you a beautiful collection of unique jewelry with paintings on gemstones on such gemstones like

Onyx, Sardonyx, Agate, Jasper, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Labradoryte.



     Paintings are created with special techniques, using certain acrylic paints and micro brushes. Every painting process takes from 10 to 60 hours. After the process of painting is finished, the whole surface is secured with several layers of 

special varnish. 

Using magnifying glasses is a necessity to make miniature paintings on such gemstones like onyx, sardonyx, agate, jasper, amethyst. Many pieces of jewelry of this collection are made of or decorated with silver parts. 

Every jewelry is handicraft and unique.


None of the projects will be repeated. 

Until recently paintings decorated walls of galleries, now paintings on gems can adorn your body.

You are exceptional, and soon you will understand how incomparable you can look wearing exclusive Tormeti jewelry.

Be ready for a new trend of jewel, be ready to become an owner of a unique piece of art, one of a kind

pendant, bracelet or ring by Tormeti.

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